Open Perception

I will accompany the perception of the client concerning a certain problem. The person perceives what there is for her or him to see and feel in the context of this issue.

By being present I will also perceive what shows up with this client and this topic. If the individual needs help when she or he gets stuck I give them help to move on. We go on further until the issue is clear and solved. This may happen in the first session or in further visits.

Causes for problems are in most cases traumas which I would like to define as experiences that have been partly or totally rejected when they happened. This rejection is still with us up to the present.

In the course of the process the whole picture is shown step by step which leads to a changed perception of the situation. This new sight is the foundation of acceptance.

When the former experience is seen completely, felt and accepted the person can begin to change her or his behavior and situation. This leads to a self-determined clearing, creating and healing.


Andrea Hofmann

Heilpraktikerin Psychotherapy

Consultancy / Coaching / Psychotherapy


Berlin Mitte, Neukölln / Treptow, Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg / Friedrichshain


Andrea Hofmann works with methods like EMDR, Family Constellations / Systemic Constellations, Inner Child, Open Perception, Perception Consciousness & Intuition, In The Skin of the Otheruand more. She Provides advice to balanced diet (f.e. alkaline diet, low-carb diet), Alkaline Bathing and publishesin various media.